Gentilly Fest

New Orleans LA

For this particular festival, the stage backdrop could not have been better.

This gospel choir was performing in a huge tent. Very dark. I shot shutter priority and set auto ISO. From this focal length, the grain is seems to be relatively low.

Using a telephoto lens in this scenario has its challenges. I have to use high shutter speeds to avoid focus blur. Somehow in this shot, my subject was dancing and her action was basically frozen. yet the passerby shows motion.

Candid shots of participants are my personal favorites.

Sometimes you just have to DANCE!

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All photos from this event were shot with; my first generation Nikon Z6 mirrorless, coupled with my Nikon 18-300 mm zoom.

I chose this particular setup for two main reasons; it allows wide-angle shots of the stage as well as crowd interaction. Secondly, I am able to quickly get long range candid portrait shoots. (my favorite) I had to park quite a way from the event so I chose not to carry any other equipment. Very wise choice!

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