Island View Hotel & Casino

Biloxi MS…Beach Blvd.

been there….done that…..My personal assessment from my personal stay… Photos are all taken by me and completely unstaged. What you see is what you get!

Voted one of the 10 Best Casinos in the U.S. If You Love to Gamble

This vibrant resort off US-90 spans a pair of connected buildings, one adjoining a casino and the other set along the beach.

It’s 13 miles from the golf course at Windance Country Club and 6miles from Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport.

Beach View Hotel & Island View Hotel, both filled with all the amenities you deserve.

Bright rooms, with decor ranging from conservative to contemporary, provide complimentary Wi-Fi and flat-screens. Some feature whirlpool tubs; suites add living areas. Room service is available.

Thrilling gaming and delicious dining just steps away!

Hotel Inspection…..This is how I see it:

First Impression
Accessibility of Front Entrance
Lobby Appearance & Size
Available Bell Staff
Front Desk Staff
Dinning Areas (Appearance/Diversity)
Entertainment (Appearance/Diversity)
Proximity to Restaurants/Shops
Availability of Public Transportation
Size of Guest Rooms
Appearance of Guest Rooms


My Personal Impression!


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Spring break 2023 travel: what to expect

As the pandemic continues to recede, Americans are eager to make up for lost time and travel during the spring break 2023 season.

  • March 23, 2023

I don’t love hearing that travel is getting expensive again, but I didn’t love 2020 either. 

As the pandemic continues to recede, Americans are eager to make up for lost time and travel during the spring break 2023 season. As someone currently residing in the newfound destination of Seattle, California, where it rains sideways every day all day, I am eager to hop on a flight to a warm, dry island, too. 

The travel industry is expecting a surge in demand this year that’s not looking good for our bank accounts but is great for reminding us that the pandemic is in the rearview. More than 158 million passengers are predicted to travel, surpassing the pre-pandemic levels of 2019, according to Airlines for America. Meanwhile, TSA estimates the upcoming spring break season may even exceed pre-pandemic travel volumes. 

Love To Travel?…….Make It Your Business!

The increase in travel means that airports will be busier, security lines longer, and planes fuller than in previous years. TSA is preparing for a rush of travelers and recommends that passengers arrive early, especially if they need to check a bag. That makes me wonder: for my three-week trip to Europe next month, can I possibly fit everything in a carry-on?! 

While you may not be able to control the anticipated airport dramas this spring, you can at least take advantage of flight deals. Here’s what’s promising: 

  • Fly roundtrip from Denver to Cabo this April for $275
  • Fly roundtrip from New York to St. Thomas this April for $298 
  • Fly roundtrip from Los Angeles to The Bahamas this April for $399

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First Friday

Monthly Celebration….Biloxi MS

Vendors Paradise….

Love To Travel? … Make It Your Business!

Entertainment For The Evening….

Keep Up To Date With All The Travel News!

My love of both Music and Photography made for my total enjoyment of the evening. All photos were taken with my first-generation Nikon Z6; coupled with my Nikon 50mm, f1.8 Prime lens.

Before sunset I used my (manual setting); 1/125-250 shutter speeds; ISO settings between 400 to 800.

After sunset I switched to my (shutter speed setting); 1/125; switched between a constant ISO setting of 3200, and automatic ISO.

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Air B N Bs

Study reveals families are opting for Airbnbs over hotel stays
from The Navigator
I love Airbnbs, but as someone who typically travels with just my significant other, they’re not always necessary for me. In fact, the times I find myself prioritizing them are when I’m traveling with family or a group of friends. New research says I’m not the only one who feels this way. 

According to new data from Airbnb, family travel is thriving. On their platform, it skyrocketed by 60% in 2022 compared to before the pandemic. Airbnb saw 15 million check-ins in nearly 90,000 destinations. Considering you can book a two-bedroom two-bath house per night for the same cost as one hotel room, the numbers make sense. 

Another significant advantage of Airbnb for families is the access to a kitchen. Nearly 90% of Airbnb listings have kitchens, allowing families to save money by cooking instead of eating out for every meal. 

Moreover, the experience is unique. You can choose a home with a yard so the kids can run wild. You can indulge in a pool you don’t have to share with other guests. And families can really unpack—staying for longer periods of time. In 2022, more than half of families stayed between two and six nights, while nearly half stayed for a week or longer. This flexibility allows families to plan their trip around their schedule, whether it’s a short weekend getaway or an extended family vacation.

So where are families going?  Everywhere! Paris, France, London, United Kingdom, and Melbourne, Australia are just a few of the top destinations for family travel on Airbnb. Additionally, Airbnb offers families the opportunity to travel near and far with unique experiences. The top-booked categories for family travel in 2022 included amazing pools, beach destinations, skiing destinations, tropical destinations, and national parks.
I just found a flight deal for $468 from Los Angeles to Finland, which had me wondering: If I was packing up the whole family for this epic trip, what Airbnb could I score to round out the most reasonable trip ever? I can get this stunning 3-bedrooms 2-bath cottage for $199 a night.

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