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Welcome to our online real estate.  Here we are continually creating, developing, and re-developing digital concepts, providing opportunities, platforms, and resources for the successful Travel Professional. 


Retirement afforded me the opportunity to renew old love affairs. I have always had a passion for both Travel and Photography. My newly found freedom has allowed me to aggressively pursue both.

It didn’t take me long to realize that travel and photography make the perfect marriage. This union began a never-ending series of honeymoons for me and my newly betrothed Nikon Z6.

As a traveling photographer, I am now enjoying the best of both worlds. Thus, the creation of Digital Age Travel Professionals.

DATP was created based on the idea of creating and marketing “World Travel”.

What We Do

First and foremost, we create and market “World Wide” Adventures of all kinds. From a simple two-day domestic trip for business or pleasure to a full fledge African Safari.

In partnership with InteleTravel Agency, we have the in-house capability to create all forms transportation, accommodations, excursions, tours, etc, etc, etc.

Through, partnerships with the best brands within the industry Inteletravel provides the independent travel professional with all the necessary ingredients to create and perpetuate unlimited income.

Secondly, we develop “Travel Marketing Professionals”. Using pre-developed platforms we train, and develop independent “Travel Advisors” who own their own “Travel Agencies”.

The partnership between InteleTravel and PlanNet Marketing creates the opportunity for the independent travel professional to leverage and scale his business to any level as they so choose. Multiple streams of income, backed by never-ending residual income creates a combination sought by the “Super Wealthy”.

Third, we Create and Market photographic art from around the world. The creation of the ART is the easy part, as artists we simply create from within. (our inner being)

Yet for me, my inner being just naturally wants to take pictures of everything. So I find it very difficult to adhere to a genre or stay within a particular niche. (That’s just a personal problem!)

Creating World Wide Adventure

I now offer amazing and affordable travel deals and earn commissions on sales to my clients. These commissions in conjunction with personal travel discounts on airfare, accommodations, and ground transportation allows me to do my thing economically.

And, it is getting better every day. The more I Learn the more I Earn.

Creating Wealth

By offering the same opportunity to become travel agents to others “who love to travel”, I am continually creating never-ending residual income. Creating cash flow for my adventures.

Creating Marketable Photographic/Art

The Trillion Dollar Travel Industry relies heavily on imagery for magazines, brochures, advertising, merchandise, online media, etc. Showcasing tourist attractions, natural landscapes, hotels and resorts, cultural experiences, and outdoor adventures.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide and or share solutions/resources for you to build your business based on tried and proven techniques using pre-designed infrastructures. So whether you are a photographer interested in marketing Travel, or a Travel Advisor with a love for Photographer. We can help with your goals.

What makes us unique is our pledge and commitment to providing you with opportunities and resources to build never-ending residual income at the onset of starting your business.

If you would like to live a life of fun and adventure. If you would like to make money while traveling the world. If you would like to build a business around your passion for Travel and (or) Photography, take the time to learn more.

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