Mardi Gras Indian Super Sunday

New Orleans’ famous Mardi Gras Indians Super Sunday is a long-standing celebration of African-American and Native American culture, various Mardi Gras Indian tribes and their Big Chiefs parade throughout the city, attempting to out-dress, out-dance, and outdo each other in a friendly competition for all the city to watch.

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From my artistic perspective…..

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point of view…

each shooting experience has its own unique identity, which manifests in degrees of difficulty for image makers.

super Sunday was a super challenge for me as a novice. i had never participated in “paparazzi frenzy”. challenging but FUN!

having to shoot from unique angles i found was very rewarding. throw in bright sunshine (high contrast) creating heavy shadowing,+ background madness and you got Super Sunday! i had a ball!

i used my Nikon D3400 coupled with a 16-300mm Nikkor kit lens throughout the whole shoot.

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